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COVID-19 Regulations Waiver



We are very excited to have your children join us at Nature Camp this summer. We appreciate the trust you put in us during these confusing times.  As we get ready for the Nature Camp, we find ourselves embracing “THE NEW NORMAL”.  As we follow the government guidelines for the Recovery Phase, it is important to keep in mind that Zero Risk is not possible in any setting. The goal is that we reduce the risk as much as possible and create a safe and healthy environment for staff and children.


1.The Grouping Method:

The Government of New Brunswick (GNB) has decided to allow Early Learning Childcare Facilities and Day Camps to operate at full capacity, using a grouping method. The grouping method involves creating multiple self-contained groups within the facility, with the size of each group limited to a maximum of 15 children (plus staff). Facilities may choose to keep each group separate or allow groups in the same area provided a 2-metre separation between each group is maintained. Note: Within each group of 15, physical distancing is not required. “

At Hammond River Nature Camp we will divide the children into two groups with a maximum of 15 children plus staff members for each group. Both children and Counsellors will stay together during the entire week.

The groups will be assigned before camp starts and the parents/caregivers will know in advance which group their children will belong to.

We will set up two drop-off/pick-up lanes (one for each group) outside of the building. Every morning and afternoon, parents/caregivers should drop-off/pick-up their children in their assigned line. From that moment on until the end of each week, children and Counsellors from one group will need to self-distance from the other group.


Inside the building we have divided the room upstairs in half. Every group will be assigned one half as well as one bathroom. They will keep their bags and shoes inside their designated half. Every group will have its own set of craft supplies, tables and chairs. 


2. Strict Exclusion of Children or Staff who are Sick with 1 or more of the Following Symptoms:

If the child attending Day Camp shows 1 or more of the following symptoms: Fever or signs of fever, new cough or worsening chronic cough, runny nose, headache, sore throat, new onset of fatigue, new onset of muscle pain, diarrhea or loss of taste or smell OR a child displaying purple fingers or toes, they must stay home, contact 811, and cannot return until fully recovered. If tested, Public Health will inform the individual or parent (when a child is involved) when isolation may be lifted. 

If a staff or child of the Day Camp tests positive for COVID-19, Public Health will identify who the close contacts are and manage the outbreak with respect to Public Health measures and communication. 


Note: Children or staff who have been identified as having seasonal allergies or who suffer from chronic runny nose/nasal congestion are not required to be excluded.

3. Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures:

One of the most important measures is a regular routine of cleaning and disinfecting the facility during the day instead of just at the end of the day. We will have one dedicated Counsellor in charge of cleaning and disinfecting. This Counsellor will follow a cleaning schedule that will include regular cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces like doorknobs, faucets, tables and chairs.


4. Personal Hygiene Etiquette:

At the beginning of the day, staff will remind children to practice good respiratory etiquette such as covering their mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or the crease of the elbow when coughing or sneezing.

If parents/caregivers wish to send their own masks to camp, they are more than welcome. Face masks are not mandatory unless you are showing symptoms.

Staff and children must practice good hand hygiene. We will increase the frequency of handwashing and will provide hand sanitizer around camp at different locations. We will install signage such as hand washing and personal hygiene etiquette throughout the camp.

Items that cannot be easily cleaned (e.g. stuffed toys, play dough, puzzles) will be removed.

We will reinforce "no sharing" policies. The practice of not sharing will support the efforts of reducing virus transmission between children.

5. Records:

Day Camps are required to have up to date records of household members for each child attending their facility (e.g. names and contact numbers). A log must be kept for each self-contained group that would include the names of those in the group and date the group was established, in case Public Health asks for it to help with contacting if a COVID-19 case was found in the facility or if the child may have attended a camp.


6. Dropping off/picking up: 

Prior to entering the Day Camp, staff, children and the adult bringing the child into the facility must be pre-screened. This must be done at home. Parents are responsible for reviewing the screening questions for their children, and only sending their children to summer camp when they are well and have met the criteria outlined in the screening questionnaire. This can be found by following this link.


A. Parents/caregivers will line up according to their assigned group keeping the 2-meter distance. There is space for up to 5 sets of parents-and-children. We will have markings to make it easier for parents/caregivers to know where to stand. Please wait in the car if you see that your lane is already full.

B. Before leaving your child, you will need to answer whether the screening questionnaire was completed at home. Parents do not need to sign, just answer the question asked by the Counsellor each day. 

Pick-up: The parent/guardian will wait in the same line where they dropped off their children.


The Government encourages that only one identified adult per family be responsible for the drop-off and pick-up of the child or children at the facility.


Drop-off and pick-up activities will be done outside unless the adult absolutely needs to come into the facility.

Following pre-screening, those children and staff exhibiting symptoms will be advised of the following:

Go home and contact 811. They cannot return until fully recovered. If tested, Public Health will inform the individual or parent (when a child is involved) when isolation may be lifted.

Note: Children or staff who have been identified as having seasonal allergies or who suffer from chronic runny nose/nasal congestion are not required to be excluded.

Safeguards for Visitors (other essential staff such as EECD staff and Public Health Inspectors) must follow the pre-screening protocol described above. They must also wash their hands upon entry at the nearest handwashing station and must maintain physical distancing as much as possible.

7. Control Measures as Guided by Public Health if an Outbreak is Detected:

If an outbreak is declared, then we will follow the Public Health Guidelines.


Control measures on suspected cases of COVID-19 will include:

  • If a child becomes symptomatic during the day, he or she will be immediately separated from others in a supervised area until they can go home and will be asked to wear a face mask.

  • We will ensure that measures are in place to inform parents/guardians and staff of the situation and of how important this control measure is. Proper isolation is one of the most important and effective measures in controlling the spread of disease to others. Parental and staff cooperation is critical. We ask parents/guardians to pick-up your child within an hour of notification. Hygiene and respiratory etiquette must be practiced while the ill child is waiting to be picked up.

  • After isolating the symptomatic child, we will make sure that the group of combined children/staff where the symptomatic child was in, will not mix with the rest of the Day Camp population until the ‘suspect case’ is assessed.

  • Environmental cleaning and disinfection of the isolation area will be conducted once the ill child/staff has left the facility.

  • Ill staff must immediately isolate themselves from others and wear a community mask until they can leave the facility.

  • If an outbreak is confirmed, post appropriate notices for parents/guardians at all entrances to the facility to ensure that disease information is available for staff and parents/guardians if needed or requested.


I have read and fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this COVID19 Regulations Document.

I hereby acknowledge that I understand my responsibilities for the screening of my child/children for COVID-19 symptoms prior to bringing my child/children to Hammond River Nature Camp every day. I understand that bringing my child/children to the above-named camp signifies that I take full responsibility and attest that all questions in the screening questionnaire were answered with a “no”.

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