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January 21st, 2022 - Drummonds Lake Assessment

This past summer, our HRAA staff performed Lake Assessments throughout the watershed, including Drummond's Lake in Upham. We had help from the awesome team at the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Center (AC CDC) who performed an assessment at Drummond's Lake for rare and endangered species.

In total, they documented 341 species, including 262 vascular plants, 47 birds , 10 insects , 3 mammals , 1 mollusc , 1 algae, 7 moss and 10 lichens

They also documented 3 federally and provincially listed species at risk- the Barn Swallow, the Bobolink, and the Yellow Banded Bumblebee! Thank you to the AC CDC for providing this additional valuable information, and to the Drummond family for allowing us to access this beautiful site!


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