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July 12th, 2021 - We have some HUGE EXCITING NEWS!!

Our team at HRAA submitted a proposal to the Government of New Brunswick to create a Protected Natural Area surrounding the headwaters of the Jenny Lind Brook (a cold-water tributary of the Hammond River), Theobald Lake, Grassy Lake, and the Irish River- and our nomination has made it to the next round! We are one step closer to making a conservation difference, but we need your help!

If you know and love these areas like we do, we hope you will take five minutes to fill out a survey on why this area is important- this feedback is crucial to assist the government to decide which areas will become full-fledged Protected Natural Areas. You can still fish, hunt, bike- all recreational activities- but this protection will ensure this site stays intact (ie: no logging or mining) for generations to come.

Check out GNB’s Nature Legacy page, click “View Map”, and enter your feedback survey for site 1748!


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