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July 7th, 2022 - Bloomwatch NB

The Hammond River Angling Association has deployed 3 solar powered devices into Darlings Lake- 2 are Algae Trackers, and 1 device is an EMF1000.

The EMF1000 is a chemical-free aeration technology that will increase water oxygenation capacity over several hectares, decreasing the likelihood of a cyanobacteria bloom. The Algae Trackers monitor water quality hourly, and it works by measuring the direct fluorescence of pigments in living algal cells in the water (phycocyanin & chlorophyll-a), and then determining algal production in terms of relative fluorescence units (RFUs) to give us early warning signs that a bloom may be forming.

This technology will give us a greater insight into triggering mechanisms of cyanobacteria blooms, allow us to alert the public in a more timely manner, while performing a trial of the EMF1000 as a potential cyanobacteria mitigation method! Want to learn more about cyanobacteria? Head on over to our new page, BloomWatch NB!


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