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Fishing on the Hammond River

Interested in fishing on the Hammond River?  We are located in the lower Saint John region and our fishing season opens April 15th.
Please familiarize yourself with the regulations before you cast a fly this season!
  • Angling of Atlantic salmon (including catch and release) is not permitted on the Hammond River.

  • From CN Railway Bridge at Nauwigewauk upstream to the covered bridge in French Village - Closed prior to May 1st.

  • Fly Fishing ONLY from July 15th - September 15th between the CN Rail Bridge and McGonagle Brook.

  • Retention of Smallmouth Bass is NOT permitted from the CN Rail bridge upstream to the French Village covered bridge between April 15th until June 30th and again from September 16th until October 15th. (NOTE: the above mentioned river section is closed prior to May 1st and although smallmouth bass season is stated as starting on April 15th in the summary, it does not permit angling in this area prior to May 1st)
  • Retention of smallmouth bass IS only permitted upstream of the former French Village covered bridge to McGonagle Brook between April 15th and October 15th. (Daily bag limit of 5)
  • Palmer Brook from Hammond River to Stock Farm Rd is live release only for trout. It is closed to fishing after June 30th.
Happy fishing, and we will see you on the river! 
Map denotes approximate locations of areas mentioned in the Fishing Regulations, including:
  • CN Train Bridge
  • French Village former Covered Bridge
  • 200 m upstream of Palmer Brook
  • McGonagle Brook
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