**FULL** FISHING WEEK 1: JUNE 24-28, 2019 

(Campers entering Grades 1-7) $175

- This week will feature all of our core activities* with extra time for fishing!

- Fish from a kayak

- Learn to cast a fly-rod

- Half-day kayak fishing trip


**FULL** FISHING WEEK 2: JULY 2-5, 2019 (4 days)

(Campers entering Grades 1-7) $140

- Just like week 1, with different games, crafts and activities for returning campers


**FULL** SPORTS WEEK: JULY 8-12, 2019 

(Campers entering Grades 1-7) $175

- Core activities* with Sports challenges every afternoon

- Track and Field

- Soccer

- Volleyball

- Triathlon

- Gymnastics

- Paddle-board / kayak races

- Gaga & nine square in the air


**FULL** WILD WATER WEEK: JULY 15-19, 2019 

(Campers entering Grades 1-7) $175

- Core activities* with water activities every afternoon

- Extra time for water sports

- Downhill slip n' slide

- Water balloon games

- Swimming at the Deep Hole!

- Water baseball

- Sprinklers, baby pools and more!


Real-Life SUPER HEROES: JULY 22-26, 2019 

(Campers entering Grades 1-7) $175

- Core activities*

- Super hero themed games, crafts and activities every day!

- Meet our everyday-real-life heroes in uniform!



(Campers entering Grades 1-7) $175

- Core activities* with Survivor challenges each afternoon

- Campers will be put into tribes and compete in daily challenges to earn the title of "Survivor, Hammond River"

- Fort building begins this week!


**FULL** MUNCHKIN CAMP: AUG 6-9, 2019 (4 days)

(Campers entering Kindergarten- Grade 2) $140

A great week for first-time campers, these little ones will learn the basics of fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming in a highly supervised environment.  Games and activities will be geared toward younger children.  We even have daily story time!



 (Campers entering Grades 1-7) $175

- Core activities* 

- Games and activities based on the trendiest of trends such as

- Fidget spinners

- Pokemon

- Star Wars

- Nine square in the air


-Local food prep (ice cream, smoothies, and cake pops, oh my!)


**FULL** FAVOURITES WEEK: AUG 19-23, 2019 

(Campers entering Grades 1-7) $175

- Core activities*

- This week we will bring back the campers' favourite games and activities from previous weeks 

*Core Activities: Fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, field games, fly-tying, crafts. 

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