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Fly tying takes place from November to April. These classes are held weekly at the HRAA Conservation Centre, on Thursdays at 6pm. Please follow our fly tying group on Facebook for updates and notice of cancellations.  Tyers ages 12+, beginner or  expert,  are  welcome  to  attend. Tools,  materials  and  instructions  are available  for  those  wanting  to  try  their hand  at  tying  flies  or  to  learn  proven patterns  for  the  Hammond  and  many other  rivers.  There  are  always  plenty  of fish  stories  being  told,  so  even  if  you don't  tie  flies,  stop  in,  grab  a  coffee  and share a  few  stories  of  your  own. 

This program is free of charge!

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