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Air Quality Monitoring Program

We have partnered with the New Brunswick Lung Association to begin an air quality monitoring program! The New Brunswick Lung Association undertakes projects and advocacy work that helps improve air quality, sets standards for air emissions, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Canadian Medical Association estimates that the total cost of illness and death in New Brunswick from air pollution to be almost $17 million and causes approximately 54 deaths per year.

We have installed a PurpleAir monitor on our Conservation Center, which will allow us to track fine particulate matter air pollution (called ‘PM 2.5’). These tiny particles can travel deep into the respiratory tract, causing eye, nose, throat, and lung irritation, coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath. Exposure to PM 2.5 can also affect lung function and worsen medical conditions like asthma and heart disease.

This monitor will collect and update air quality data every 10 minutes, and we will now be able to keep everyone in the area updated on the air quality! Thank you to the New Brunswick Lung Association and all the fantastic work you do!


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