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July 22nd, 2022 - Environmental Monitoring Continues at the Upham Gypsum Mine

Environmental monitoring continues at the Upham Gypsum mine! Our staff were out collecting grab samples on July 6th, post heavy rainfall event (and we also take monthly samples too!)

Monthly grab samples were performed throughout the 2021 season, provided there was open water, with additional sampling occurring on April 2nd, July 10th, and September 3rd after heavy rainfall events. As per conditions set out in the Environmental Impact Assessment, total suspended solids in WC3S should not exceed 25 mg/L above the monthly average. Throughout the sampling season, the HRAA did not record any exceedances of TSS in WC3S, with the majority of the samples resulting in lower than detection limit, with the exception of 1 sample on September 3rd of 6 mg/L; however, this did not constitute an exceedance. The following chart summarizes the average TSS in the 2021 sampling season, and highlights that the TSS average in WC3S remained well below both WC3N and WC3E.


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